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The Better Bio

Meg Walker & The Better Band are Denver's newest band, bringing you the "Better Versions" of all of your favorite Meg Walker original songs and re-imaginings of classic cover songs. The genre-crossing Better Band plays a combination of pop, rock, indie, and folk music, connecting music lovers of all genres at every show. 

Meg is joined by core members, Brett Regan on keys, Haley Belle from Tireshoe on bass, Tyler Hamlin from Summer Bedhead on drums, Michael Amodeo from Moss Brain on electric guitar, and newcomer on the music scene: Talia Eaton singing backing vocals. The six musicians met on campus and via Zoom, respectively, while at CU Denver and formed around Meg's original songs. Each member pours their passion for music, stylistic playing, and unique personality into their instrument, creating a perfect blend of sound on every song. 

The band plays with different featuring artists every show, who bring new voices, influences, and creativity to their music. In the past, they have been joined by legendary players, such as Dr. Jim on saxophone, and up-and-coming singer/songwriters, such as Lisa Finck singing backing vocals. 

While the discussion of an album is still ongoing, the best way to see The Better Band is at their live shows around Colorado this Summer.


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Meet The band

Meg Walker

Lead Singer/Songwriter

Meg Walker is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter based out of Denver, Colorado, with a passion as fiery as her hair for lyricism and a good hook. She has been revered by both Grammy-nominated songwriters and Music Industry professionals for her unique writing and sound. The lyrical content of her music consistently gives a new voice and perspective to the genre and emotions she writes to. Meg is studying Songwriting and Music Business at The University of Colorado where she strives to create a more ethical and inclusive musical community for all artists.

talia eaton

backing vocalist

Talia is a 25-year-old reality TV show producer by day and singer born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Talia has performed on some of the most prestigious stages in Colorado, including Red Rocks Amphitheater alongside other professional theatres across the state. After taking a six-year break, Talia is thrilled to be rekindling her passion for music, and there’s no BETTER way to re-enter the scene than alongside the talented musicians of The Better Band! 

brett regan

keys player & producer

Brett Regan is a 23-year-old keys player and producer born and raised in Denver, Colorado. In addition to playing with the Better Band, he teaches music lessons and attends the University of Colorado Denver in the Master's Program of Recording Arts. Brett began his path in music in high school, discovering his favorite artists, taking music theory classes, and using his few years of piano experience to join the school jazz band. At the same time, he began learning and performing at the School of Rock Aurora, where he learned drums, and taught himself keys. Brett has played at countless venues in Colorado and across the country, including Red Rocks and Lollapalooza in Chicago. While pursuing his undergraduate degree in music business, Brett discovered a love for audio engineering. This new passion led him to pursue a Master's degree in Recording Arts at the University of Colorado Denver, which is also where he met Meg Walker. Brett continues his love of performing and production as the keyboardist and producer for Meg Walker & The Better Band.

tyler hamlin


Tyler Hamlin, is a 21-year-old versatile musician from Colorado Springs, Colorado who has deeply studied a wide range of styles. After studying the recording arts and music performance at CU Denver, he is now actively gigging in Denver with several artists and bands of varying genres, like the trio Summer Bedhead. From his experiences in jazz, hip hop, funk, rock, and more; he creates a unique and explosive sound for The Better Band. 

michael amodeo


Michael Amodeo is a 20-year-old guitarist from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Coming from a rich and diverse musical background, Michael’s first professional musical endeavor was in the world of blues at 14 years old as part of the Pikes Peak Blues Community-sponsored band. Since then, he has performed at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California in 2018, and at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee in 2019, 2020, and 2022. Michael is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Songwriting and Recording Arts from CU Denver. Outside of the Better Band, Michael continues to hone his craft as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and session musician both in his work as a solo artist and with various other groups such as the Denver-based band, Moss Brain.

haley milonas


Haley Milonas is a 25-year-old from Denver, Colorado who has been playing bass for more than 7 years and playing music/performing for about 17. They are a Colorado native who recently graduated from CU Denver with a Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts. They play bass in the band Tireshoe as well as the Better Band. Beyond playing the bass, they have interests in mixing, post-production, sound work in video games, songwriting and producing music. Outside of the world of music, they love fashion, the outdoors, and their dog, Osa. 

meet the team

Sara medina

publicist & photographer

Sara Medina is an extremely persistent and outgoing person. She started photography about 7 years ago and has such a huge passion for it. She is an excellent artist who sees true beauty and value in everything she snaps a picture of. Her true dream and goal is to work for Rolling Stones Magazine. Her inspirations for her photography definitely match her personality! Fun and exciting, artistic and relatable to everyone and everything! I can definitely say there is nothing average about Sara. She always knows when to capture a pure essence of all things amazing in the world from your locals to the awesome concerts and venues and the beauty that nature has to offer. The best work comes from those who take a look at their surroundings and see much more than what meets the eye. Kind of cheesy I know, but there isn’t a better way to describe what she truly is passionate about. Her passion for photography speaks loud but her pictures are priceless! She has a true gift for this artistic style. A style that captures moments for a lifetime.

Instagram: @snmedinaofficial


Sydney jade

photographer & Social media manager

Sydney Jade is a budding concert photographer based in Denver, Colorado. While relatively new to the scene, Sydney's passion for live music and photography has driven her to develop her skills and craft in capturing the essence of each performance. Whether it's through experimenting with different camera settings, angles, or editing techniques, Sydney is constantly striving to improve her work and bring out the best in each shot. With a sharp eye for detail and a love for capturing the raw energy of live music, Sydney is on the path to becoming a respected and sought-after concert photographer. 

Instagram: @jaded_photographs


Alex Karni


Alex Karni is a 19-year-old music producer from Houston, Texas. He is currently pursuing a degree in Recording Arts at the University of Colorado, Denver. Alex is fueled by an undeniable love for music that started at an early age and has developed a keen understanding of the unique style and needs of every artist. Alex is on a mission to make waves in the music industry, not only by pursuing his personal goals but also by supporting and empowering the success of fellow artists. With a solid foundation in music production, he brings to the table not only great production skills but a diverse array of talents spanning from artist development to marketing and strategic planning.